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Sick Boy (2012)

HoS rating:

  • Eloise = 7 / 10;
  • Raoul = 6 / 10;



A young girl gets offered a baby-sitter job in a strange house where the boy is sick and locked up downstairs, and the girl forbidden to go down there.


Horror-on-Screen Review (by Raoul):

This low-budget movie came to me as a very good surprise, especially after reading many bad reviews about it.
The story is basic and won’t really surprise regular horror viewers, but there is an intriguing mystery around that house and that locked up boy, we do not know what’s down there and that keeps exciting our natural curiosity. The acting is good and each actor credible in his role. Thankfully, the usual overacting found in low-budget flick is not to be found here.
Of course, the movie is not perfect; there are a few things not quite right in the plot, especially the main character doing some really odd choices towards the end. The shaky camera is also a major problem that kind of ruins the experience a little.
But apart from these minor problems, the film nailed the most important thing: being entertaining. The sound effects and music are really good. There is some decent gore and action. Most of all, the film successfully build a great tension and, unlike most low-budget, get truly scary at times. Considering that the film was shot for less than $50K, I consider it a great achievement.





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