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Top 10 Best Hillbillies & Redneck Horror


This week, our Top 10 Movie Lists series (see the others here) looks at what are the 10 best hillbillies movies!

Backwoods and rednecks have always been a favorite of horror, and probably an easy topic to implement since they are scary in real life too. Who has never find himself in a remote countryside village imagining the worst about those people? Now, call them as you like: backwoods, bumpkin, rednecks or even inbred, we all have our own mental picture of the perverse/retarded maniacs. We know that these cliché are wrong, but we cannot help it, and horror movie directors/writers know it…

So for you, we have selected the very best in the genre, all of them worth watching, enjoy!


10. Wrong Turn (2003)top_10_hillbillies

The concept of this splatter franchise is simple: a family of deformed cannibals follows, kills and eats people. The sequels are pretty bad, but the first film of the franchise is all-right. One has got to love Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One Eye.

9. Wolf Creek (2005)great_hillbilly_horror

Set in the famous Australian wilderness, this one could have been an awesome film if it wasn’t for the utterly stupid behavior of the victims. Still, it is a movie that leaves a deep mark in the mind of any backpackers.

8. Inbred (2012)best_inbred_movies

This demented UK film is often overlooked. It takes the appearance of a comedy horror but ends up being more gross & disgusting than funny. Fans of the human centipede should really check this one out.

7. Frontier(s) (2007)frontier(s)_top_movies

A particularly nasty French title, the movie is extremely graphic and features some really disgusting scenes, as well as a bunch of great characters.

6. Tucker and Dale Vs Evil (2010)tucker_dale_vs_evil


One of the funniest horror comedies ever made, the duo Alan Tudyk & Tyler Labine look like they were made for playing backwoods! An instant classic.

5. Motel Hell (1980)redneck_horror

Maybe not as cliché as the other ones in that list, Motel Hell is brilliant nonetheless. Horror fans could easily forget, due to the awesome scenario, that the lead characters are bumpkins cultivating people in their garden

4. Sheitan (2006)best_backwoods_films

This overlooked French horror does not rely so much on the gore or the gross, but instead immerse you in a very dark and oppressive atmosphere, in a countryside filled with maniacs and psychopaths…psychological tension at his best.

3. House of 1000 Corpses (2003)house_of_1000_corpses

& The Devil’s Rejects (2005)

The famous splatter series by Rob Zombies is a must-see for every horror fans. Some love it, some hate it (because of the constant shouting mostly), but one cannot deny that it has become a cult feature of the backwoods subgenre.

2. Hills Have Eyes (2006)hills_have_eyes

Yes, this list features the remake from Alexandre Aja and not Craven’s original. This will probably displease more than one purist, but objectively, this remake is better than the original in every aspects, and a classic of the subgenre!

1. Texas ChainSaw Massacre (1974)


The first place cannot possibly be occupied by any other title than TCM itself, the controversial classic by Tobe Hooper is simply the reference movie that jump-started the all redneck sub-genre.


And because our list wouldn’t be complete without a few bad ones, here are two movies that really sucked in our opinion:

– Train (2008)   –    Cheap torture porn

– Cabin Fever (2002)    –     Did Eli Roth even try to write a plot for this one?


We hope you enjoyed that list, and that we didn’t leave any important one out. Let us know.

Next week, our Horror Movies List Series will be about “Werewolves”.



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  1. Dave says
    May 10, 2014, 12:41 pm

    Hey, I like this list. Maybe you should but some more. We edited a Hilbilly Redneck Compilation. But finally, its hard to say whats a hillbilly and what not.



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  2. August 2, 2016, 12:00 am

    Calvaire is really fucked up. Really twisted country folk in a small town.

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