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Freaky Music Video

Some elements and features of horror can be found is all the sorts of media. We already presented posts about comics, cartoons, tattoo, music, art and paintings, etc. So it won’t come as a surprise if here we present an article about horror in music video.

I could have listed of 1000 video clips that contain something related to horror, for they are so many out there. But here, I just choose three that were sent to me (thanks Dany and Matthieu Gold) for three reasons: they are recent, they are proper horror video (not just a few shots)…and the music is damn good!

The first one is probably the most famous one, from the South-African group DIE ANTWOORD (“The Answer”). Their video-clips are always really weird, but the one for the tune “I Fink U Freeky” is particularly creepy.

This second one is from HUORATRON, a Finnish band by electronic music producer Aku Raskithey, who is doing some pretty heavy electro sound, This is the clip for “Corporate Occult”. Be careful….pretty explicit sexual images here (kids don’t watch…or make sure your parents won’t know)!

To complete of world horizon of horror video-clips, here is one from Pakistan, or at least the Punjab singer RK MEHNDI is. The tube itself is from TIGERSTYLE, a Scottish bhangra group from Glasgow. A real club killer!


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